The Paterson Center

After a string of unthinkable losses, business mastermind Tom Paterson fell into a deep depression.  He began to question the existence of God and the meaning of life.  From a place of despair, he was faced with two choices:  to fall prey to the grip of addiction or to live a life that would leave a legacy.  Tom set out to understand what it means to make our mark on history.  This time of searching led him on a journey where he would develop a process that is dedicated to gaining perspective and uncovering truth.


Today, the Paterson Center exists to see the vision of Tom Paterson carried out for generations to come.  By equipping Facilitators with the tools they need to master the art of the LifePlan, Facilitators are certified to come alongside their clients to guide them on a journey of a lifetime.


In the Summer of 2011, I was invited to develop my own LifePlan with the guidance of a Paterson Center Facilitator.  Together, we sifted through my past to better understand where I was headed.  Defining my Heart and Talent revealed my desire to see women living lives that would bring glory to God.  Three years later, I am walking out my dream.  Heart to Chart was established to help women thrive.  I am now blessed with the opportunity to come alongside them through the very process that affirmed who I am created to be and how to take next steps to live out my calling.  Session after session, I see the heartbeat return to dreams that have flatlined.


Similar to analyzing a business, we examine every aspect of life over the course of two full days.  The output is a practical and strategic way to live life with vectors of both purpose and direction – a business plan for life.